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Guide to Advisors
An informative "How To" for advisors and a "What To Look For" for those working with advisors or an advisory board.
(17 pages ~ $6.25)
Guide to Mentoring
An informative "How To" for mentors and a "What To Look For" for those working with a mentor.
(12 pages ~ $6.25)
Small Business Development
Tips & Tricks
Reference Contracts:
A) Incubator/Client
B) Incubator/Advisor
C) Client/Mentor

Guide to Starting a Private Sector Business Incubator



"Starting a Business is Easy . . ."
A step-by-step process to avoid the pitfalls of  business startup with real-time support of an experienced business mentor.
Ebook #3
Ebook #4
Ebook #5
Ebook #6
Ebook #7
Ebook #8
Ebook #9
Ebook #10
Ebook #11
Ebook #12






What Was Gained From Advisors/Mentors
Summary taken from exit interviews of successful client companies graduating from incubator programs on their experiences with their advisors and mentors.
(1 page ~ $6.25)
Entrepreneurship Research
Conclusions after a study over a 10 year period of clients in a private sector business incubator.

Startup Business Expenditures By State
Ereport #4






How To Determine Your Hourly Rate
(2 pages ~ $5.00)

The Business Plan
Personal Selling Skills

Epamphlet #5










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