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The Co-Op is a self-funded, not-for-profit, cooperative association of business owners, former business owners, and future business owners - an educational, sales, marketing, business development, mentoring, incubation and support organization for the start-up, early stage and poised-for-growth entrepreneur.

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    Bring us your bright ideas! 
We'll design a custom tailored development methodology based on your resources, attributes and aptitude. We've worked with more that 45,000 companies and Co-Op associates have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

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Our Specialty
is business development for service companies, where The Co-Op provides the environment, resources, education and methodology to accelerate business growth. The Co-Op is proud sponsor to Houston's first and Texas' oldest business incubator, founded the first  Womens Business Center in the nation, the First  Houston Small Business Seed Capital Fund and the first Virtual Incubation Program in the world. All totally without gifts, grants, donations, contributions or public funding.

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Since 1983,
The Co-Op has conducted a weekly business building development breakfast, the oldest in the United States, to train early stage entrepreneurs in the experiential skills necessary for rapid business advancement.
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"We don't enable. We Empower!"

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a business
in Houston

service &
for incubator

To establish a self-funded small business development Co-Op
in your city.

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Columbus took a chance and discovered a new world.
(He also took only
experienced seafarers to guide him.)

and discover
there is a whole, new world
you, too.

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C. Dean Kring
Research Director
Business and
Career Mentor

Economic Development Advisor

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